Past Fellows 2020-2022

University affiliations are what they were during the fellows' time at the Center.


Research Fellows

Amber L. Griffioen
Independent Scholar

Jane Heath
Associate Professor, Department of Theology and Religion
Durham University

Allison Krile Thornton
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
University of South Alabama

David Lincicum
Associate Professor of Theology
University of Notre Dame

Jonathan C. Rutledge
Ph.D. in Philosophy (University of Oklahoma) & Ph.D. in Divinity (University of St Andrews)

Shlomo Zuckier
Simon and Ethel Flegg Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Jewish Studies
McGill University


Emily Lehman (Spring 2022)
Graduate Student
University of St Andrews
Institute for Theology, the Imagination, and the Arts


No research fellows due to the COVID-19 pandemic.