Research Initiatives

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The Center is at the cutting edge in leading large-scale, interdisciplinary research initiatives to investigate and generate popular interest in some of our most pressing questions about God, the universe, and the human condition. Since 2010, we have received $13 million in outside grant funding and have collaborated with Cornell University, UNC-Chapel Hill, the University of Pennsylvania, and a number of other institutions.


Past Research Initiatives

The Experience Project (2014-2017) (A $5.2 million research initiative investigating the nature and implications of transformative, religious, and spiritual experiences)

Hope & Optimism: Conceptual and Empirical Investigations (2013-2017) (A $5.2 million research initiative investigating the theoretical, empirical, and practical dimensions of hope, optimism, and related states)

The Analytic Theology Project (2010-2014) (A $2.5 million research initiative promiting interdisciplinary work at the intersection of analytic philosophy and theology)

The Problem of Evil in Modern and Contemporary Thought Project (2010-2013) (A $2.5 million research initiative promoting new work on the problem of evil, focusing on skeptical theism, early modern philosophy, and the problem of pain)


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