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Notre Dame’s Center for Philosophy of Religion supports research and interdisciplinary collaboration through research fellowships, conferences, grants, and public engagement initiatives.

Logoi Spring 2022

We are excited to announce the publication of the 2022 issue of our annual magazine Logoi. Inside, you will find articles, interviews, residential fellow profiles and much more!

Associate Director wins Templeton Grant

Dr. Laura Frances Callahan, the Center's associate director, received a 2-year career grant from the John Templeton Foundation for her project "Intellectual Humility and Oppression".

Kant's Moral Vision as Affirmative Religion at Notre Dame

A 2-day colloquium on the "Affirmative" interpretation of Kant's philosophy of religion, inspired by the question as to what extent Kant's moral vision affirms religion without rendering it irrelevant.

Plantinga Animated

To celebrate former Center Director and Notre Dame Philosopher Alvin Plantinga's 2017 Templeton Prize and showcase his most influential ideas and arguments, we produced a series of ten short animated films that explore his philosophical contributions.