The Center for Philosophy of Religion's primary mission is to promote work on topics in the philosophy of religion and philosophical theology, and to encourage the development and exploration of specifically Christian and theistic philosophy. We also aim to foster dialogue between the disciplines of philosophy and theology on topics of mutual interest, and to disseminate the results of scholarly research on these issues both within the academy and to a wider, non-academic audience.

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As one of the world's leading Catholic institutions, the University of Notre Dame provides an ideal home for work in Christian philosophy. A school whose Christian commitment is unquestioned, it also boasts one of the country's strongest and most active philosophy departments. Much of that strength and activity is focused upon those issues which the Center seeks to address: many of the department's faculty members work on such topics, and a large percentage of its graduate students come to Notre Dame primarily because of its reputation as the premier academic center for work in the philosophy of religion.

We carry out our mission by hosting residential research fellowships and a weekly discussion group, by leading cross-disciplinary research initiatives, by organizing academic conferences, seminars, popular and scholarly lectures, and debates, and by producing engaging media content.

The Center for Philosophy of Religion welcomes your support in any number of ways. We value the time, talent, and treasure of our graduates and friends and welcome collaborative efforts to further our work. Make a gift here or connect with the department about other ways to get involved.