The Analytic Theology Project

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For more information about analytic theology and some of the methodological differences that have divided philosophers and theologians throughout the 20th century, see the Introduction to Analytic Theology: New Essays in the Philosophy of Theology (OUP, 2009).

The Analytic Theology Project (2010-2014) ($2.5 million) was a multi-national four-year endeavor that funded initiatives aimed at encouraging fruitful scholarly conversation among analytic philosophers and theologians. It stimulated enthusiasm among faculty, students, and budding scholars for interdisciplinary exchange between the fields of theology and philosophy of religion. Additionally, it aided the cross-fertilization of ideas, research, and methods between analytic philosophers of religion and historical, systematic, and Biblical theologians. To date, the project has resulted in hundreds of presentations and publications, and is, in large part, responsible for the birth of a new sub-field of theology.

Originally conceived and funded by the Analytic Theology Project, two prominent events in the field continue annually:

What is analytic theology?

Closer To Truth Analytic Theology