Applicants for a Research Fellowship are required to submit the following by February 15, 2023:

  1. cover letter that includes the following information:
    • Please give us the names of two people who can speak to the merits of the project and your ability to execute it. References may be contacted if you are short-listed, and any letters that are requested by the evaluation committee can be brief, informal, and sent via e-mail. Please communicate this to your references and please include their e-mail addresses in the cover letter.
    • Please let us know whether you intend to remain an employee at another institution during the fellowship period, or will become a Notre Dame employee for the academic year. If you will become a Notre Dame employee during the fellowship period, the total fellowship award will be $75,000, all of which may be taken as salary or some of which may be set aside, at your request, for research and relocation expenses. (The exact allocation can be decided later on.) Note that reimbursement of some relocation expenses are taxable, such as the moving of household goods. More detailsIf you intend to remain an employee at another institutionplease let us know how much funding is required by your institution’s leave policy to secure your research leave at full salary and benefits for the year. If an amount is not specified in your institution’s leave policy, or if other circumstances make it hard to determine an amount on your own, a brief letter from your Department Chair, Dean, or relevant other administrator will suffice.
    • Please indicate where you learned about our fellowships. This helps us to know where we should be advertising.
  2. project narrative, not to exceed 1,500 words (excluding references), describing the project on which you would like to work while in residence at the Center.
  3. project abstract of no more than 150 words.
  4. A complete curriculum vitae.
  5. One published or unpublished paper.

All application materials must be submitted electronically to

All application materials must be submitted as a single PDF in the order listed above. The PDF must be titled in the following manner: Last Name,First Name.

All application materials must be received by February 15, 2023 to assure full consideration.

If you have questions, please visit our FAQs page or email us at