Logos 2009

Logos 2009"Holy Trinity" by Hendrick van Balen

Philosophical Theology Workshop

May 28-30, 2009 at the University of Notre Dame

Thursday, May 28

7:45pm   Richard Cross - University of Notre Dame
"Philosophy and the Christian Tradition: Some Work (Soon To Be) In Progress"

  • Chair: Michael C. Rea - University of Notre Dame

Friday, May 29

9:00am   Bruce Marshall - Southern Methodist University
"Christ the End of Analogy"

  • Commentator: Jeffrey Brower - Purdue University
  • Chair: John Cavadini - University of Notre Dame

10:45am   Thomas P. Flint - University of Notre Dame
"Should Concretists Part with Mereological Models of the Incarnation?"

  • Commentator: Brian Leftow - University of Oxford
  • Chair: Gordon Graham - Princeton Theological Seminary

2:00pm   Anna Marmodoro - University of Oxford
"The Incarnation Entanglement"

  • Commentator: Joseph Jedwab - Kutztown University
  • Chair: Thomas McCall - Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

3:45pm   Thomas Senor - University of Arkansas
"From Three to One: Crafting a Kenotic Christology With Help From Its Two-Minds and Compositional Rivals"

  • Commentator: Oliver Crisp - University of Bristol
  • Chair: Susan Brower-Toland - Saint Louis University

7:45pm   Hud Hudson - Western Washington University
"An Essay on Eden"

  • Chair: Dean Zimmerman - Rutgers University

Saturday, May 30

9:00am   Michel René Barnes - Marquette University
"Other Latin Nicenes: Western Trinitarian Theology in the Late Fourth Century"

  • Commentator: J. T. Paasch - Georgetown University
  • Chair: Brian Daley - University of Notre Dame

10:45am   Paul Gavrilyuk - University of St. Thomas
"The Ascent of the Doctrine of Deification: How Once-Despised Archaism became an Ecumenical Desideratum"

  • Commentator: Lucian Turcescu - Concordia University
  • Chair: Dale Tuggy - State University of New York at Fredonia

2:00pm   Kevin Hector - The University of Chicago Divinity School
"Immutability, Necessity, and the Limits of Inference: Toward a Resolution of the Trinity and Election Controversy"

  • Commentator: Kevin Diller - Taylor University
  • Chair: Timothy Pawl - University of St. Thomas

3:45pm   Peter Forrest - University of New England
"Christian Doctrine and Kinds"

  • Commentator: Daniel Howard-Snyder - Western Washington University
  • Chair: Cristian Mihut - Bethel College