Iris Murdoch: Transatlantic Ties Conference


Location: Virtual

Iris Murdoch

This conference will mark the first Murdoch-focused major event in the US since 2001, and comes as her reputation as a philosopher and novelist continues to grow rapidly. It will showcase ongoing and published Murdoch scholarship with a particular focus on connections to Murdoch's work outside the UK.

Schedule: Eastern Standard Time

8:15 – Opening remarks
8:15 – 9:00: Kelly Ann Cunningham, “Knowing Shakespeare, Knowing the Self, Knowing Love:
Murdoch on Friendship, Self-Knowledge, and Moral Development”
9:05-9:45: Robert Mueller, Lisa Iottini-Wagner, Theresa Delaplain, “Imaginings: Musical
Inspiration from Murdoch”
9:50-10:30: Katherine Pier, “Where is the Justice in Iris Murdoch’s ‘Just and Loving Gaze’?”
10:35-11:15: Kristian Cantens, “On Becoming Better”
11:20-12:00: Ranadip Dutta, “Interrogating ‘masculinity/ies’ between ‘art’ and ‘morality’ in Iris
Murdoch’s The Nice and the Good (1968) and The Black Prince (1973)”
Lunch Break
12:45-1:25: Keenan Davis, “An Ethical Phenomenology of Deep Brain Stimulation: Murdoch,
Levinas, and Medical Ethics”
1:30-2:10: Robert Cremins, “Carpenter’s Gothic, Murdoch’s Gothic”
2:15-3:15: Lawrence Blum, “Foot, Murdoch, and Emmet: A Complex Counter-Tradition in and
Against British Analytic Moral Philosophy”