Food for Thought: Dinner & Lecture


Location: Oak Room, South Dining Hall (2nd floor)

"Plato, Confucius, Golf, and the Good Human Life" by Stephen Laumakis

Imagine playing a round of golf with Plato and Confucius. What kinds of advice about playing and living could they offer you? How should a philosopher-king and a sage approach the game of golf and life?  How exactly does one live and play in relation to both the timeless, eternal, and unchanging patterns of Plato's world of forms and Confucius' practical advice about how to negotiate the changing and often unpredictable particular situations and circumstances of life and the golf course with the skill of a practiced virtuoso? Come and learn how from two masters!  You'll have a chance to have a small group discussion, ask questions, and figure more about how to live the good life.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Kate Finley at to reserve a seat!