Notre Dame's Center for Philosophy of Religion promotes work in philosophy of religion, philosophical theology, and in related fields through fellowships, conferences, grants, and strategic public engagement initiatives.
Callahan Laura Low

New Associate Director, Laura Frances Callahan

The Center welcomes Laura Frances Callahan as our new Associate Director. Callahan brings so much to this role, including a vibrant research program and fresh vision to the Center. Welcome Laura!
Sam Newlands

Thank You, Co-Director Samuel Newlands

After a decade of exemplary leadership, service, and far-reaching success, Co-Director Samuel Newlands is stepping down from his role at the Center to focus on other aspects of his Professorship at the University.
Hesburgh Half View

Research Fellowships for 2022-2023

February 15, 2022 is the next application deadline for AY2022-2023 residential fellowships. Themes: Virtue, Love, and Forgiveness.
Plantinga Animated

Plantinga Animated

To celebrate former Center Director and Notre Dame Philosopher Alvin Plantinga's 2017 Templeton Prize and showcase his most influential ideas and arguments, we produced a series of ten short animated films that explore his philosophical contributions.

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