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The Center for Philosophy of Religion promotes new research in theistic and Christian philosophy and fosters dialogue between philosophy and theology, through residential fellowships, grants, multi-year research initiatives, conferences, workshops, lectures, and public debates.

News and Announcements

O Shaughnessy Sunrise (Exp

The Experience Project Awards $1.7 Million to 22 Research Projects

"Food for Thought"
Dinner & Discussion for Undergraduates
"Can Atheists Know Anything?"
November 12, 2015

14th Annual Alvin Plantinga Fellow Lecture
"Leibniz's Formal Theory of Contingency"
November 13, 2015

We will discuss this question at this fall’s "Food for Thought," a dinner and discussion series open to undergraduates at the University of Notre Dame. Over a free catered dinner, participants will listen to Blake Roeber, a philosophy professor at Notre Dame, give a brief talk. Then, they will discuss the talk with their peers, and follow up with Professor Roeber in a Q & A session. The event will take place in the first floor lounge of Coleman-Morse beginning at 6:30pm. Read more.

RSVP on Facebook or email ejackso9@nd.edu if you would like to attend.

Jeffrey McDonough, the 2015-2016 Alvin Plantinga Fellow, will present the lecture at 3:00pm in 120 DeBartolo Hall. A reception will follow in Malloy Hall, 2nd floor lounge area. All are welcome.

Jeffrey McDonough

Spring 2015 Issue of λogoi

Friday Morning
Discussion Group Meetings

Our newest publication features articles by Center Fellows Thomas D. Senor, Joshua Thurow, Christina Van Dyke, and Leigh Vicens. It also includes articles by John Greco and Kathryn Pogin, and interviews with Andrew Chignell and L.A. Paul.

Logoi cover (Spring 2015)


We discuss the work-in-progress of the Center's Fellows, local faculty, and occasional outside visitors. Papers are not presented during the discussion group meeting; rather, we read the papers in advance and the meetings are devoted entirely to Q&A. 

The next meeting is scheduled for October 16. The group will discuss "A Naturalistic Intrinsic Value Theodicy" by Scott Davison.

See our calendar for the full schedule.


Global Philosophy of Religion Calendar

Featured Video

Our website is equipped with a calendar featuring conferences, workshops, call for papers, and other events in philosophy of religion outside of the Center for Philosophy of Religion.

Please send relevant announcements for the calendar to philreligion@nd.edu.



In this short interview, William Abraham (Albert Cook Outler Professor of Wesley Studies, SMU) explores the question of how philosophy can illumine theological inquiry. More videos are available on our Videos page.

The Journal of Analytic Theology


JAT Logo 2

We are excited to announce the third volume of the Journal of Analytic Theology, a new, open access, international joint publication of the Center for Philosophy of Religion at the University of Notre Dame and Baylor University. It explores theological and meta-theological topics in a manner that prizes terminological clarity and argumentative rigor, including historical studies that seek to elucidate conceptual challenges or explore strategies for addressing them.



Inside the Center

Inside the Center

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Discussion Group

Fri Oct 9, 2015 10:00am - 11:30am

The group will discuss "Divine Hiddenness or Dark Intimacy?: How John of the Cross Dissolves a Contemporary Philosophical Dilemma" by Sarah Coakley.

Pub Night

Thu Oct 15, 2015 7:00am - 10:00pm

Hang out with philosophers. There will be opportunity to purchase food and drinks.