Leibniz's Theodicy: Reception and Relevance

This conference was held in Lisbon, Portugal on October 25th-27th, 2012.

Conference Introduction
Speaker: Samuel Newlands

Session 1: "The Shift from Leibniz’ Theodicy toward Protestant Philosophy of History as a Decrease in Religious Tolerance and Increase of Anti-Judaism"
Speaker: Ursula Goldenbaum

Session 2: "Kant and the End of Theodicy"
Speaker: Karl Ameriks

Session 3: "Leibnizian Optimism...Lucretian Pessimism: The Problems of Peace and Progress in 18th Century France"
Speaker: Catherine Wilson

Session 4: "Voltaire in Response to Leibniz: 'Hope' or 'Illusion'?"
Speaker: Genevieve Lloyd

Session 5: Panel on the 1755 Lisbon Earthquake
Panelists: David Chester, Agustín Udías and Susan Neiman

Session 6: "Leibniz's Theodicy: Are There Aftershocks?"
Speaker: Susan Neiman

Session 7: "Leibniz's Theodicy as a Metaphysics for Lived Religion"
Speaker: Mark Larrimore

Session 8: "The Multiverse Hypothesis, The Problem of Evil, and the Problem of the Best"
Speaker: Hud Hudson

Session 9: (One Small Strand of) the Legacy of Leibnizian Optimism"
Speaker: Andrew Chignell

Session 10: “Multiverse, Theodicy, and Incarnation”
Speaker: Timothy O'Connor

Concluding Panel
Panelists: Maria Rosa Antognazza, Brandon Look and Jeffrey McDonough