Leibniz's Theodicy: Context and Content

This conference was held at the University of Notre Dame on September 16-18, 2010

Session 1: "Metaphysics and Theology and the Role of the Monadology in Leibniz's Theodicy"
Speaker: Daniel Garber

Session 2: "Leibniz's Dilemma on Predestination"
Speaker: Augustin Echavarria

Session 3: "Moral Evil and Divine Concurrence"
Speaker: Tad Schmaltz

Session 4: "Metaphysical Evil Revisited"
Speaker: Maria Rosa Antognazza

Session 5: "Vindicatio Dei"
Speaker: Michael Murray

Session 6: "Perfection, Justice and Love in Leibniz's Theodicy"
Speaker: Robert Adams

Session 7: "Justice and Circumstances"
Speaker: Donald Rutherford

Session 8: "Translating the Theodicy"
Speakers: Robert Sleigh and Sean Greenberg

Session 9: "The Theodicy and the Leibniz Clarke Correspondence"
Speaker: Greg Brown

Session 10: "Theoretical Foundations of Leibniz"
Speaker: Paul Rateau

Session 11: "Leibniz and Malebranche"
Speaker: Nicholas Jolley

Session 12: "Leibniz's Theodicy as a Critique of Spinoza and Bayle"
Speaker: Jonathan Israel

Session 13: "Leibniz's Theodicy and the Epistemological Problem of Evil"
Speaker: Christia Mercer

Closing Remarks
Speaker: Michael Rea