Alvin Plantinga Retirement Celebration

This conference took place at the University of Notre Dame on May 20-22, 2010

Welcome & Session 1: "Commensense Skeptical Theism"
Speaker: Michael Bergmann

Session 2: "Singular Propositions"
Speaker: Trenton Merricks

Session 3: "Causation and the Mental"
Speaker: Peter van Inwagen

Session 4: "Theory Comparison in Science and Religion"
Speaker: Richard Otte

Session 5: "The Value of Atonement"
Speaker: Elenore Stump

Session 6: "Stages in God's Foreknowledge"
Speaker: Dean Zimmerman

Session 7: "The Varieties of Accidental Necessity"
Speaker: Thomas Flint

Session 8: "Then, Now, and Al"
Speaker: Nicholas Wolterstorff

"Hotel Possibilia"
Singers: Elise Crull and Cristian Mihut