Research Fellowships

The Templeton Research Fellows in Early Modern Philosophy of Religion and Theology Program will provide one-year awards to at least two applicants, open rank. Fellows will be expected to spend the year in residence at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, IN, interacting with leading scholars in early modern philosophy of religion and theology and contemporary philosophy of religion for the purpose of undertaking cutting-edge research on their topics.

The University of Notre Dame provides unique opportunities for sustained contact with scholars in philosophy of religion, theology, and early modern philosophy—contacts which not only can be quite helpful but, in the case of some topics, are the necessary prerequisites for excellent scholarship in the field.

Each successful applicant will receive a total fellowship award of up to $55,000, depending on rank and circumstances. Up to $15,000 of each award may be received as reimbursement for travel, re-location, or research-related expenses.

The three major components of the Templeton Research Fellows in Early Modern Philosophy of Religion Program are:

  1. Performing cutting-edge research on the problem of evil in early modern philosophy of religion and theology.
  2. Researching the extent to which conceptions of the nature and reality of evil were transformed and advanced in the distinctive intellectual culture of the seventeenth century.
  3. Using the rich resources that are available at the University of Notre Dame and the Center for Philosophy of Religion.

Each fellow is expected to complete and disseminate the results of their research through publications, lectures, or presentations at academic conferences within a short time after the end of the fellowship program. Fellows are also expected to submit a report to the fellowship directors describing the effects of their time as fellows on the direction of their research within a year following the fellowship period. They are also expected to send the fellowship directors notices of presentations, as well as copies of any papers and books resulting from research conducted during the fellowship period.

Application Information

The Templeton Early Modern Research Fellowships have all been offered and accepted at this time. Those interested in residential fellowships at the Center should consider applying for a Center fellowship instead.