Marcy Lascano

My project consists in a series of connected papers on three women philosophers—Anne Conway, Damaris Masham, and Emilie Du Châtelet—on the nature of God and the problem of evil. Anne Conway, although obviously influenced by Henry More and Descartes, pre-figures Leibniz with her conceptions of divine goodness and justice. I will provide a detailed account of these aspects of her work and discuss their conceptual relations to the views of Leibniz. My work on Masham will provide a fuller account of her view of God’s goodness and its manifestation in his creation – both metaphysically and morally. I will explain how her conception of God’s goodness relates to her conceptions of perfection and happiness and evaluate Masham’s relations to Locke and Cudworth. Finally, I will examine the extent to which Emilie Du Châtelet's views on God's nature affect her views on physics, morality, and the nature of happiness in contrast with the views of Leibniz and Newton.