The project sponsored two international conferences and a series of workshops.

Leibniz Conference

The first, large-scale conference, Leibniz’s Theodicy: Context and Content, was held at the University of Notre Dame on September 16-18, 2010, and was open to the public.

This conference explored the intellectual setting and philosophical content of Leibniz’s work on the problem of evil and its relation to broader issues in the early Enlightenment. It was held in association with the North American Leibniz Society and followed two earlier European Theodicy conferences.

A second, invitation-only conference, Leibniz’s Theodicy: Legacy and Relevance, was held in Lisbon, Portugal, from October 24th-27th 2012. This more intimate setting provided scholars the opportunity to build on the advances of the previous year’s work and establish new research agendas in the growing field of early modern philosophy of religion. Some of the papers focused on the impact of the Theodicy on later philosophy and theology.

A series of workshops pulled together work from the projects falling under the aegis of "The Problem of Evil in Contemporary and Modern Thought."

There are also plans to publish an edited volume of new papers on these topics based partly on the work generated by these conferences.