One of the most important ways of fostering interdisciplinary engagement between philosophers and theologians is to provide funding that allows members of one discipline to spend an extended amount of time conducting research in regular conversation with members of other disciplines. The Residential Fellowships for Theologians Program allowed theologians to take a funded leave of absence to pursue research in residence at the Center for Philosophy of Religion at the University of Notre Dame.

Fellowship Winners and Their Projects


William Abraham, Southern Methodist University (Divine Agency and Divine Action)

Ross Inman, Ph.D., Trinity College, Dublin (Christian Theism and the Metaphysics of Spatial Location)

Ryan Mullins, Ph.D., University of St. Andrews (In Search of the Timeless God)


Gloria Frost, University of St. Thomas (Medieval Conceptions of God’s Concurrence)

Carl Mosser, Eastern University (Augustinian Historical Criticism)

Timothy Pawl, University of St. Thomas (Metaphysics for Understanding the Ecumenical Councils)

Joshua Rasmussen, Azusa Pacific University (Explanation-Based Arguments for a Necessary Being)