Jonathan C. Rutledge

Research Fellow

Rutledge Jonathan

Project: “Locating Covenantal Narratives in Atonement”

Dr. Rutledge develops the notion of narrative identity in philosophy and theology to articulate a mechanism of atonement that connects with contemporary work on the New Covenant in biblical scholarship.

Bio: Dr. Rutledge has received degrees in philosophy from the University of Oklahoma (Ph.D.) and in divinity from the University of St Andrews (Ph.D.). He is a former research fellow at the Logos Institute for Analytic & Exegetical Theology with research specializations in analytic & systematic theology, philosophy of religion, and value theory. His forthcoming monograph—Forgiveness and Atonement: Reflections on the Reason for Christ’s Sacrifice—unpacks a restorative, sacrificial account of atonement alongside a defense of understanding forgiveness as not counting one’s sins against them. Recent articles include “Tempering the Cosmic Scope Problem in Christian Soteriology,” Religious Studies (2019), “Perspectival Skeptical Theism,” Faith and Philosophy (2019), “Analyzing the Muddles of Analysis: (Some of) What Analytic Theologians Can Learn from the History of Analytic Feminism,” Modern Theology (2020), and “Separating the Theological Sheep from the Philosophical Goats,” Journal of Analytic Theology (forthcoming).