Kimberly Kroll

Kimberley Kroll

Visiting Graduate Fellow (Fall 2018)

Kimberley Kroll is a PhD student in the Logos Institute of Analytic and Exegetical Theology at the University of St. Andrews. She is working under the supervision of Michael Rea and T.J. Lang. Her thesis is titled: The nature of the Indwelling Spirit: a cross-disciplinary distillation of contentions regarding identity and agency.

Kimberley’s thesis seeks to provide an account of the indwelling relation of the Holy Spirit which takes seriously the biblical language of uniqueness, internality to, and transfiguration of the human person. She understands the indwelling relation to be one which effects an ontologically transcendent identity of the human person. Because of this, she will argue that relational accounts of indwelling, though necessary, are not sufficient for a proper account of the relation which obtains between the human person and the Spirit of God upon conversion.

While at the Center, she will focus on the metaphysical concerns of identity and shared agency utilizing the biblical analogies of the vine and the priesthood, respectively. Concerning the former, she will construct a framework for understanding the indwelling relation as an account of asymmetric penetration where both relata, in a real sense, merge yet retain their distinct identities. An account of the latter will elucidate how the immutable presence and influence of the Spirit allows for shared agency while maintaining a necessary distinction between agents.