Andrew M. Bailey

Research Fellow

Bailey, Andrew

Project: “Divine Personality”

While at the Center, I’m writing a book on whether God has a personality. Reality seems at times arbitrary; a God with personality could make good sense of that apparent truth. And adopting the view that God has a personality – complete with particular, sometimes peculiar, and often seemingly unexplainable preferences – can make good sense, too, of various important problems: divine silence, apparently unanswered petitionary prayers, otherwise inexplicable divine choices about who is saved or damned, and more. But problems arise here too, and the view that God has a personality has revisionary implications across a range of topics, including the task of inquiry itself. If God has a personality, then reality does too, and so to understand reality, one must come to know a strange and untamed God.

Bio: I am an Associate Professor at Yale-NUS College in Singapore, where I teach and do research on money, metaphysics, philosophy of religion, and bitcoin.