If I am a philosopher who is interested in applying do I need to specialize in philosophy of religion or propose a project in philosophy of religion?

No, philosophers applying need not propose a project in philosophy of religion--projects need only bear some connection to the field. In recent years, we've funded work in metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and history, for example. We encourage philosophers working in all fields to apply!

Must I have a home institution in order to apply for a Research Fellowship?

No, we welcome applications from postdocs. You may request the entire stipend as salary, or divide it between salary and research/relocation funding.

What criteria are you looking for in candidates for the Visiting Graduate Student Fellowship?

Other things equal, the committee looks for applicants with interesting projects that bear some connection with topics in philosophy of religion; however, we are open to awarding the fellowship to students who are not currently working on anything related to the philosophy of religion but who intend to work in the field later on in their careers.  One can manifest research interest in the field in various ways:  e.g., listing courses in that field that one has taken, submitting published or unpublished work in the field, having references speak to one’s interests in the field, etc.

Are letters of recommendation required for applications?

No, letters of recommendation are no longer required for applications. We are trying to reduce the letter writing burden on the profession. References may be contacted for some applicants.

When are selections announced?

We expect that all applicants will be notified via email by March 15, 2020.