Patrick Kain

Alvin Plantinga Fellow


Patrick Kain is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Purdue University, and a founding faculty fellow of the Cornerstone Integrated Liberal Arts Program. Kain was Humboldt Research Fellow in Marburg, Germany (2003), and during his PhD studies at Notre Dame he was a Fulbright Graduate Fellow in Tübingen, Germany (1995-96). His research is often focused on the philosophy of Immanuel Kant, esp. on Kant’s ethics, and connections with his epistemology, anthropology and philosophy of religion. He co-edited Challenges to Moral and Religious Belief: Disagreement and Evolution (with Michael Bergmann; Oxford, 2014) and Essays on Kant’s Anthropology (with Brian Jacobs; Cambridge, 2003).


While at the Center for Philosophy of Religion, Kain will be working on "Divinity, Humanity, & Autonomy in Kant’s Moral Realism,” part of a monograph on Kant's moral philosophy. Based on Kant’s published works, drafts, lecture notes, and his philosophical context, Kain will develop a new interpretation of Kant’s account of divine freedom and divine legislation (God’s power to necessarily and freely create and rule a world) and will show how this account helps us to better understand and appreciate Kant’s influential account of human freedom, dignity, and moral autonomy.