Women and the Church

Is Christianity Bad for Women?

"Women and the Church: an Inter-Tradition Dialogue"

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Christianity teaches that men and women equally bear the image of God. In many quarters of Christendom, however, the roles assigned to men and women fall far short of equality. In contemporary American society, women have enjoyed increasingly greater opportunities for leadership, and greater protections under the law from gender-based harassment and violence. But Christianity has often been seen as an obstacle to such progress. What do the diverse traditions within Christendom really teach about the place and treatment of women in the church, family, and society? Do the church's actual practices match that teaching?

A panel featuring Sister Simone Campbell, Rachel Held Evans, and Mary Rice Hasson, moderated by Rev. Amy Peeler, discussed these and other questions at the University of Notre Dame on September 22, 2016.

Coverage from the National Catholic Reporter.

Commentary over at Contending Modernities.


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