"My Ways Are Not Your Ways" Videos

Louise Antony - "Does God Love Us?

Edwin Curley - "The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob"

Evan Fales - "Satanic Verses: Moral Chaos in Holy Writ"

John Hare - "Animal Sacrifices"

Mark C. Murphy - "God Beyond Justice"

Elenore Stump - "The Problem of Evil and the History of Peoples: Think Amalek"

Richard Swinburne - "What Does the Old Testament Mean?"

Nicholas Wolterstorff - "Reading Joshua"

Gary Anderson - "What about the Canaanites?"

Christopher Seitz - “Canon and Conquest: The Character of the God of the Hebrew Bible”

Howard Wettstein - Concluding Remarks

Panel Discussion - Gary Anderson, Paul Draper, Daniel Howard-Snyder