Logos 2013: Theorizing about God - Realism in Theology

May 9-11 at the University of Notre Dame

Theological realism is a hot topic nowadays, and is interestingly related to issues about religious pluralism. These debates bear obvious connections to debates about realism and anti-realism in science, as well as to issues in metaphysics and the philosophy of language about ontological commitment and related topics, and with the theological literature on the nature of doctrine. These are the sorts of issues that will be in focus at this workshop.

Call For Papers:  To have your paper considered for presentation at Logos 2013, please submit via email an abstract of the paper or the paper or the paper itself no later than October 15, 2012.  Other things being equal, preference will be given to those who submit full papers by the deadline.  We will let you know by December 1, 2012 whether your paper has been provisionally accepted.  Full acceptance will be conditional on submission of the full reading version of the paper by March 15, 2013.