Food for Thought Lecture Series

The aim of our Food for Thought lecture series is to encourage undergraduate students to think about and discuss important issues related to the Philosophy of Religion.  Undergraduate students enjoy a talk given by an outside speaker, discussion led by graduate students at their tables, question and answer with the speaker, and a free catered meal. The events are held at Notre Dame.

Upcoming Lectures


Fall 2017 (date TBA)
Speaker: Samuel Newlands

Past Lectures

"Should We Believe What We Don't Understand?" - Lorraine Juliano Keller (Niagara University)

"How tolerant can religious believers really be?" - Anne Jeffrey (University of South Alabama)

"Can Atheists Know Anything?" - Blake Roeber (Notre Dame)

"Felix Culpa!" - Hud Hudson (Western Washington University)

"Six words you say you believe: Some thoughts on the Nicene Creed" - Jeff Speaks (Notre Dame)

'Catching Fire: Discipline and Docile Bodies in the Hunger Games' - Christina Van Dyke (Calvin College)

'Plato, Confucius, Golf, and the Good Human Life' - Stephen Laumakis (University of St. Thomas)

'Faith, Reason, and the Knowledge of God' - Meghan Sullivan (Notre Dame)

'I Told Me So: Self-Deception and Morality in Everyday Life' - Gregg Ten Elshof (Biola University)

'Divine Hiddennes, Divine Life' - Trent Dougherty (Baylor), Michael Rea (Notre Dame), and Meghan Sullivan (Notre Dame)

'Beauty for Ashes: Evil, Suffering, and the Christian Roots of Jazz' - William Edgar (SUNY)

'Life, Death, Freedom: Jesus Questions Nietzsche' - Greg Ganssle (Yale)

'Does Evolution Explain (Away) Our Belief in God?' - Michael J. Murray (John Templeton Foundation)

‘Contemporary Issues in Hell: Hot Topics and High Stakes’ - Jerry Walls (Houston Baptist University)