Logos 2010

Held May 13-15, 2010 at Rutgers University.


  • Carl Gillett, Northern Illinois University
    "On the Scientific Problem of Chemical, Biological, Psychological, and Divine Action—and the Only Plausible Solution"
    • Commentator: Tim O'Connor, IU Bloomington
    • Chair: Mark Johnston, Princeton University
  • Derk Pereboom, Cornell University
    "Theological Determinism and Divine Providence"
    • Commentator: Alicia Finch, Northern Illinois University
    • Chair: Alan Rhoda, University of Notre Dame
  • Neal Judisch, Oklahoma University
    "Divine Conservation and Human Agency"
    • Commentator: Dan Speak, Loyola Marymount University
    • Chair: Tim Pawl, University of Saint Thomas
  • Sam Newlands, University of Notre Dame
    After Dinner Talk
    • Chair: Michael Rea, University of Notre Dame
  • Thomas Tracy, Bates College
    "Special Divine Action, Determinism, and Chance"
    • Commentator: Ryan Wasserman, Western Washington University
    • Chair: Dean Zimmerman, Rutgers University
  • Lydia Jaeger, Institut Biblique de Nogent-sur-Marne
    "Against Physicalism-Plus-God: How Creation Accounts for Divine Action in the World"
    • Commentator: Elise Crull, University of Notre Dame
    • Chair: Tom Senor, University of Arkansas
  • Cynthia Rigby, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary
    "Providence and Play"
    • Commentator: Oliver Crisp, University of Bristol
    • Chair: John Sanfers, Hendrix College
  • Ian McFarland, Candler School of Theology
    "Can God Play Dice? Chance and the Question of Continuity Between Creator and Creation"
    • Commentator: Michael Rota, University of Saint Thomas
    • Chair: Kevin Diller, University of Notre Dame
  • Michel Barnes, Marquette University
    After Dinner Talk
    • Chair: Hud Hudson, Western Washington University
  • Andrew Pinsent, Oxford University
    "Joint Attention and Second-Personal Divine Causation"
    • Commentator: Gordon Graham, Princeton Theological Seminary
    • Chair: Karen Kilby, University of Nottingham
  • William J. Abraham, Southern Methodist University
    "Divine Action, Models and Analogy"
    • Commentator: Jason Turner, Leeds University
    • Chair: Shieva Kleinschmidt, New York University

Invited Faculty Participants

Christoph Amor, Evan Fales, Georg Gasser, Adam Green, Thomas McCall, Christian Mihut, Randall Rauser, Michael Schrynemakers, Jerry Walls

Invited Graduate Student Participants

Charity Anderson, Luvell Anderson, Alexander Arnold, Andrew Bailey, Nick Beckstead, Jonathan Bemis, John Churchill, Rick Elgendy, Mary Geer, Frances Henderson, Adam Johnson, Shieva Kleinschmidt, Matthew Lee, Matthew Mullins, Luke Potter, Bradley Rettler, Aaron Segal, Amy Seymour, Alex Skiles, Meghan Sullivan, Jeff Snapper, Jennifer Wang, Mark Wiebe