Logos 2009

Held May 28-30, 2009 at the University of Notre Dame


  • Richard Cross, University of Notre Dame
    After Dinner Talk—"Philosophy and the Christian Tradition: Some Work (Soon to Be) in Progress"
    • Chair: Michael Rea, University of Notre Dame
  • Bruce Marshall, Southern Methodist University
    "Christ the End of Analogy"
    • Commentator: Jeffrey Brower, Purdue University
    • Chair: John Cavadini, University of Notre Dame
  • Thomas P. Flint, University of Notre Dame
    "Should Concretists Part with Mereological Models of the Incarnation?"
    • Commentator: Brian Leftow, Oxford University
    • Chair: Gordon Graham, Princeton Theological Seminary
  • Anna Marmodoro, Oxford University
    "The Incarnation Entanglement"
    • Commentator: Joseph Jedwab, Kutztown University
    • Chair: Thomas McCall, Bates College/li>
  • Hud Hudson, Western Washington University
    After Dinner Talk—"An Essay on Eden"
    • Chair: Dean Zimmerman, Rutgers University
  • Michel Barnes, Marquette University
    "Other Latin Nicenes: Western Trinitariani Theology in the Late Fourth Century"
    • Commentator: J.T. Paasch, Georgetown University
    • Chair: Brian Daley, S.J., University of Notre Dame
  • Paul Gavrilyuk, University of Saint Thomas
    "The Ascent of the Doctrine of Deification: How Once-Despised Arhaism Became an Ecumenical Desideratum"
    • Commentator: Lucian Turcescu, Concordia University of Montreal
    • Chair: Dale Tuggy, SUNY Fredonia
  • Kevin Hector, University of Chicago
    "Immutability, Necessity, and the Limits of Inference, Toward a Resolution of the Trinity and Election Controversy"
    • Commentator: Kevin Diller, University of Notre Dame
    • Chair: Timothy Pawl, University of Saint Thomas
  • Peter Forrest, University of New England
    "Christian Doctrine and Kinds"
    • Commentator: Daniel Howard-Snyder, Western Washington University
    • Chair: Cristian Mihut, Bethel College

Invited Participants

William Abraham, Luvell Anderson, Joshua Armstrong, Matthew Benton, Michael Bergmann, Beau Branson, Alicia Finch, Matthew Lee, Faith Glavey Pawl, Alan Rhoda, Blake Roeber, Amy Seymour, Justin Sharber, Meghan Sullivan, Jennifer Wang, Scott Williams