A CPR Thank You to Sam Newlands

Sam Newlands

After a decade of exemplary leadership, tireless service, and wide-ranging success, Center Co-Director, Samuel Newlands, is stepping down from his role. In partnership with Michael Rea, Sam has overseen an amazing decade of accomplishments at the Center. These include several multi-million dollar grants for which Sam and Mike were co-PIs and the $5 million Hope & Optimism Project which Sam led with Andrew Chignell (Princeton). Sam was a driving force behind extending the CPR's mission into the arts, including a competition for plays and short films that were part of the Hope & Optimism Project. Sam and Mike have expanded the successful residential fellows program which brings an international group of prominent philosophers and theologians to Notre Dame every year. This fellowship program adds great value to the intellectual life of the department, college, and university. 

Those of us fortunate enough to work with Sam will testify to his energy, thoughtfulness, grace, vision, wisdom to provide the right guidance at the right moment and then to release the reins when appropriate, and ability to see all the points from A to Z that successful project management requires, and, as importantly, how best to traverse that distance, among many other virtues. Sam has been and continues to be a wonderful colleague, mentor, and friend to so many of us.

Sam's consistent presence has been felt (and now will be missed) at the Center, but we are thankful that he continues to make his institutional home here in Malloy Hall.

Thank you for a fabulous decade, Sam!