Science of Hope and Optimism

“The Science of Hope and Optimism” is a $1.4 million research initiative intended to support empirical work in psychology and sociology on the nature, measurement, benefits, and costs of hope and/or optimism and related states. We seek to encourage empirical research from new and established researchers. We will invite requests for between $50,000 and $250,000 for projects not to exceed two years in duration. We intend to make approximately 10 awards.

The Science of Hope and Optimism Timeline

November 1, 2014: Science Letters of Intent due

March 1, 2015: Science Full Proposals due

Spring 2015: Full Proposal decisions for science applications


The Hope-Optimism Science Advisory Board

The Hope-Optimism Science Advisory Board consists of prominent experts in the social sciences who have worked previously on hope and/or optimism. Members of the board will provide key assistance on the social science research initiative at various points in the project.


For more details, please visit the project website: