Center Fellowships

Current and Past Center Fellows

Recurring Fellowships

Every year, the Center offers a number of fellowships. For the 2016-2017 academic year, we are offering the following fellowships (in addition to several fellowships through our two grant projects: Hope & Optimism: Conceptual and Empirical Investigations and The Experience Project):

Alvin Plantinga Fellowship ($75,000): For a senior, established philosopher whose work has important connections to philosophy of religion and/or Christian Philosophy. (The $75K may be used for salary replacement, research, and relocation.)

Research Fellowship ($65,000): For a philosopher, theologian, or religious studies scholar working on topics in or related to philosophy of religion or analytic theology. (The $65K may be used for salary replacement, research, and relocation.)

Visiting Graduate Fellowship ($20,000): For a philosophy graduate student from another institution who has serious research interests in the philosophy of religion.  (Note: Applicants for this fellowship are not expected to be doing dissertation work in the philosophy of religion; nor are they expected to propose a fellowship project in that field.  To be eligible, one need only express and provide evidence of serious research interest in philosophy of religion.)

All fellowship stipends include money for moving expenses and research-related expenses.

Notre Dame faculty are not eligible for Center fellowships.

Applicants for all Fellowships (other than Visiting Graduate) must have a Ph.D. prior to the application deadline.

All application materials for these fellowships must be received by February 15, 2016.

Please see FAQs for more information, including application instructions.