Dawn Eschenauer Chow

Research Fellow

Dawn Eschenauer Chow received her Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in 2017. She works primarily in philosophy of religion, but also has research interests in epistemology and ethics. Her dissertation offers an account of claims about God on which they serve to construct or invoke irreducibly analogical models of God, and argues that this model-based approach is not susceptible to standard objections to appeals to irreducible analogy.


During her visit to the Center for Philosophy of Religion, Dawn will be continuing to work on defending the coherence and religious adequacy of the view that the only positive and intrinsic truths about God accessible to human minds are irreducibly analogical. She is particularly interested in tackling worries about whether an irreducibly analogical theology could be adequately contentful for religious purposes, and about whether it is possible, even in principle, to have sufficient grounds to believe in a theology consisting of irreducibly analogical claims.