Thomas D. Senor

Thomas Senor

Alvin Plantinga Fellow

Professor of Philosophy
University of Arkansas

Ph.D., University of Arizona

Tom Senor is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Arkansas. He has just finished a 17-1/2 year run as Department Chair. Prior to that, he earned his Ph.D. at the University of Arizona, taught at Arkansas, and was Visiting Assistant Professor at Georgetown University.

Professor Senor's research areas are epistemology and philosophy of religion. In the former, he focuses on the epistemology of memory and reliabilism; in the latter, his work has been primarily in philosophical issues in Christian theology.

The editor of The Rationality of Belief and the Plurality of Faith (Cornell University Press, 1996), Senor is currently working on a book on the epistemology of memory and essays on the nature of faith.