Stephen Wykstra

Stephen Wykstra

Alvin Plantinga Fellow

Professor of Philosophy

Calvin College

Ph.D. - University of Pittsburgh


Steve Wykstra majored in philosophy and physics at Hope College, and got his Ph.D, in HPS (History and Philosophy of Science) from the University of Pittsburgh.   He has taught nearly thirty years at Calvin's philosophy department as their token evidentialist.   He works on issues regarding the problem of evil, faith and evidential probability, epistemology, and HPS.   His three-fold project at the Center  this year--under the rubric "Probability, Personhood, and Mystery"--spans these areas, seeking to use some old-fashioned HPS so as to blend his version of "Sensible Christian Evidentialism" with a tweaked version of skeptical theism that he may  dub "Diffident Theism"  (or "Not-Entirely-Skeptical Theism").   For fun, Steve has been known to play at chess, blues harmonica, Chinese cooking (especially Ma Po Dou Fu), Tai Chi, and windsurfing.   His favorite beer these days is Dead Poet--New Holland Brewery's sanctioned blend of their Poet with their weightier Dragon's Milk.